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Experienced End of Tenancy Cleaning Dorset

Landlords, when you need a professional end of tenancy cleaning Dorset, Bournemouth areas. You will want a company with a reliable & efficient cleaning service? 

A company who’s cleaners are experienced with end of tenancy cleaning? Get a quick turn-around and get a property ready for new tenants.

Bournemouth based Cleaning Service 

Aspire Cleaning Services a locally based company, and a dream for any landlord in Bournemouth. When it comes to end of tenancy cleaning. 

At Aspire Cleaning Services we have a dedicated and professional team able to clean up the messiest house. No job is too big or too small for our reliable and efficient team members.

Fast Turn Around

We have a team on standby to turn a client’s accommodation at the end of a letting, back on to the rental market as soon as possible. 

We guarantee the house, flat or cottage will look stunningly clean and smelling of freshness. Ready for the next occupants. 

We are Professional Cleaners for End of Tenancy Cleaning 

For any letting agency getting a properties turned-around and back on to the letting market is paramount. With our professional commercial cleaning services in place, our cleaners with have all rooms as clean as a new pin in no time. 

Our End of Tenancy Property Cleaning Services 

When tenants leave a property you’re going to want an end of tenancy cleaner or cleaning team in the property as soon as possible. Not all tenants leave a home as they found it, most of the time deep cleaning is required. 

Clean Home from Top to Bottom

Prospective tenants will only rent a property if it’s clean, which means cleaning the home from top to bottom. Every cleaner in Bournemouth we employ, has been trained in end of tenancy cleaning and is proud to be of service. 


A clean kitchen in any property is a seller, tenants like to check kitchen items like fridges, cookers & sinks for cleanliness. When kitchen cleaning we use all the latest cleaning detergents to wipe and cleaning every surface. Same for ovens and stoves our cleaners get stuck into oven cleaning, and calling in cleaned when a tenant would be happy to eat their dinner off it. 

Living & Dining Rooms

All services wiped including windows and doors and flooring. All the products used for end of tenancy cleaning are all high-end products, ensuring cleanliness of a property. For wooden dining tables and chairs, the products we use will bring the shine out on the furniture.

Bathrooms & Toilets 

Same as a kitchen, tenants love to see a shiny looking toilet and bathroom. We can guarantee with our end of tenancy cleaning service the bathroom area will be thoroughly scrubbed and smelling fresh. 


With bedroom cleaning, special attention will be given to the mattress. The products we use for end of tenancy cleaning can normally remove the most stubborn bedroom stains. 

Clients can rest assured after our bedroom end of tenancy cleaning is completed on the property. The room will look and smell delightful and fresh.

Hallways & Stairs

Every surface in a hall way or stair case, is wiped down and polished, including all windows and doors. 

Carpet Cleaning 

All carpets and floor coverings are cleaned, either with a suitable vacuum cleaner or swept and mopped if it’s a hard floor covering. 

Our carpet cleaning service can be extended to a deep clean if a floor covering is heavily stained or smells. We can guarantee after our bespoke end of tenancy cleaning been completed, everything will smell as fresh as a daisy. 

Why Choose Aspire Cleaning Services for End of Tenancy Cleaning? 

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